The Meeting House Church

An experienced sales and marketing professional with specialized experience in construction, renovation, and property management, Trevor Augustyn consults with businesses throughout Ontario to solve issues such areas as business development and market penetration. He also provides hands-on guidance with customer service and closing deals. Outside the office, Trevor Augustyn enjoys a broad range of recreational activities and hobbies, and enthusiastically participates in the Meeting House Church.

The Meeting House is a Christian denomination with numerous locations around Ontario. It emphasizes stripping away the trappings of religion from the relationship people build with God. According to the church, these trappings, the rituals and rules that characterize many religions, obscure the main point of the religion. The church views Jesus as a radical revolutionary who came to turn the status quo on its head. Instead, the religion that grew up around the memory of Jesus quickly became the status quo.

The church features teaching and worship sessions, as well home churches where members can get together in a home environment, discuss the teaching, ask questions about anything they do not understand, and discuss how the current teaching and Bible reading may impact their own lives.

The Meeting House offers several programs for young people as well as opportunities for members of all ages to volunteer in various activities. The church partners with the Mennonite Central Committee and supports several MCC initiatives worldwide, especially those supporting AIDS-related projects as well as missions in Africa. The church also is involved, through its many home churches, in extending a helping hand to those in need.